The Flinch + Bike Riding

Last night I finished The Flinch, by Julien Smith.  It’s another installment from Seth Godin’s Domino Project.  I read and liked Poke the Box, so I figured I’d give The Flinch a try.  The fact that it cost $0 made it an easy decision.

Like Poke the Box, The Flinch is more of a manifesto than a book.  It’s short and worth a read.

The Flinch resonated with me.  Smith’s point is that flinching is an instinctive reaction that we need to face if we want to achieve everything we’re capable of.  I’ve seen it for myself, lived it, am still living it.  It never goes away.  I haven’t figured out how to deal with it yet.

Smith’s book is mostly motivation.  I can see myself going back to it frequently.

For me the flinch manifests itself as an impulse that pushes me towards things I know aren’t right.  Call it a weakness.  It arrives mostly in my eating habits.  I’ve chronicled them enough here that I’m sure everyone (including me) is sick of hearing about it.  Smith’s solution for facing the flinch is a lot like what I described here.  Stress can be a good thing.  The key is how you think about it.

If you like to read and have an eBook reader, I recommend picking it up.

Anyway, did 54 miles on the bike today.  It was a fun ride.  Started out with wet roads but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day.  Mid to upper 40s, just perfect.  I love riding on days like that.

Moderate intensity and I felt good the whole time.


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