Friday riding

Covered 89 miles today on the bike.  About 5 hrs, 45 minutes.  Two day total of over 140 miles and over 8 hours in the saddle.

The ride was originally supposed to be about 75 miles, but two wrong turns extended it by a bit.  I wasn’t overly concerned though—I was feeling good…not too cold or too tired.  And I had plenty of nutrition.  I tried my camelbak today and loved it.  Easy to drink from and holds a lot of fluid, not to mention other useful things like extra tubes, clothes and nutrition.  I’m also getting better at not sweating when I ride, which makes it much easier when my body starts to get colder late.

I’ve been debating whether to continue extending the distance of these rides indefinitely.  Right now my plan is to get up to 125 miles or so.  That distance will probably have me riding for more time than is required, but I like it too much to cut it short.  I think it’s especially ok to ride long like this right now, before I get into more structured training in the spring.  Right now I’m hoping the long rides really work my aerobic fitness.  In the spring I will likely shorten the rides (maybe to 5-6 hours only) but increase the intensity.

But those plans are for the future.  Right now I’m enjoying the riding and hoping to continue it.

My legs felt better than I expected this am.  Interested to see how they feel tomorrow morning.


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