Friday in the park

11 miles in Schooley’s Mountain park today.  Trail running.

I can easily see this workout evolving into a tempo run as the spring arrives.  Today I did two loops (3.5 miles each).  In the spring I can see making it 4 loops with a short rest in between.  It would be a great workout to simulate what I might feel at Pikes Peak.

I was surprised when I clicked my watch – the time was faster than I expected.  Right now I’m not paying much attention to time.  I’m more tuned into how I’m feeling.  I didn’t wear my HR monitor and I probably should have.  Maybe next time.



Catching up + Motivation

Didn’t post for the past few days, but I’ve been consistent in making the time to work out.

Tuesday…15 miles running, hard uphills, about 25% of the run was hard uphill

Wednesday…7 miles running, including 10 downhill sprints that were just under a quarter mile

Thursday…50 miles riding, somewhat easy but with 2,300 feet of vertical gain

Lately I’ve been mapping out some new routes for my rides.  Today I came across this sign.  I thought it was a good sign for the start of 2012.

I also liked this on motivation vs. follow-through.  I’ve posted here before about the notion that I know what I should do and I even plan to do it.  But when the moment comes, I shrink away.  I’ve thought it was motivation.  Maybe not.  Maybe I need to shut my brain down a bit.

I was at the library a couple days ago with my 2-year old, and on a whim I picked up ESPN:  Those Guys Have All The Fun.  For the past few years I’ve been reading mostly classic fiction and business books, so this year I decided to branch out a bit.  The book is thick (~750 pages), but it’s a fast read.  It’s told mostly through interview snippets with direct quotes from the big ESPN players over the years.  I’m curious to see how the authors weave the story lines.  Right now I’m just at the beginning, where ESPN is starting out.  Very interesting stuff there.

Monday January 2

First workout of the year today…54 miles cycling in just over 3.5 hours.  The first half of this ride was difficult, heading straight into a 15-20 mph wind.  The second half was much more fun.

Yesterday was 3 hours of splitting fire wood.  I woke up this morning stiff and sore, but I felt better after stretching.