February 2014 — Fitness Update

Another step forward this month.


It has been a brutal month for weather.  I have had 18 inches of snow and ice in my back yard for the entire month.  Today — the last day of February — we had single digit temperatures with a wind chill below zero.  Monday — March 3 for goodness sake — we are expecting another storm.

I got out consistently this month — only missed one day (which I intentionally skipped).  No super long runs, but consistency really makes a difference.  I ended up with over 380 miles in 4 weeks.  I set a goal of 90+ miles a week, and I hit it every week in February.  Pretty stoked about that.  All of my runs except for today were easy intensity — HR under 150.  I think that’s why I’ve been able to handle the volume pretty well.  No injuries thus far.

The other aspect of consistency has been sleep.  I get to bed early (between 9-9:30 pm) pretty much no matter what.  I’ve found that getting to bed early sets me up well for the next day.

Last month I mentioned that I wanted to extend my long runs.  I ended up not doing that.  I could state a few reasons but they would mostly be excuses.  I’m happy with the volume and not overly worried about getting to 30-35 miles.  I will aim for that again this month as the weather improves.

I’ve started to use the treadmill again…this is partly because of the snow but mostly because I need it to get ready for Quad Rock.  Where I live it’s hard to simulate 11K of ascent on any single run.  I use the treadmill for that, and I just organize my treadmill runs around days when it is snowing.  I’ve been able to simulate 5-7K worth of ascent on the treadmill, which I know from experience (Pikes Peak) is valuable.  I’m already looking at a 25+ mile treadmill run on Monday when we get hit with this next storm.

In March I hope to maintain or increase the volume and start to increase the intensity.  I’ll probably start to move away from medium size runs (12-18 miles) in favor of shorter, more intense runs and longer (20+ miles), easy runs.  Hopefully by mid-March I can take my bike out of moth balls.

The big goal for March is to get my eating habits in line.  I cannot be successful without that…so it’s time to buckle down.

It’s hard to believe the Quad Rock 50 is only 10 weeks from tomorrow.  Based on the conditions outside, it seems like we are in the dead of winter.  Light has been the saving grace — the days are longer which helps to remind me that spring is coming.

Here are some numbers



  • 27 runs for 389 miles
  • total time running:  just under 60 hours
  • longest run:  26 miles
  • ascent:  53201 feet
  • descent:  31860 feet


  • No rides this month — there has been ice on my driveway and the roads almost every day.  when there wasn’t ice, it was about 20 degrees outside


  • 203 hours of sleep
  • Average over 7 hrs per night, min of 6 hrs


  • About the same this month:  mid 160s (I didn’t actually step on a scale)

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