Distance running race results

Below are the results of the distance races that I’ve run.  I define a distance race as a marathon or longer.

I’m not including shorter races as of now.  When I lived in New York City, I raced shorter events frequently.  But I haven’t continued that since moving to the country.

June 5, 2011.  Casper Marathon (Casper, WY).  Time:  3:03:32.  Overall place 3/147.  Results here.

February 26, 2011.  Post Oak Challenge (Tulsa, OK).  50K.  Time:  4:21:52.  Overall place 1/53.  Results here.

August 22, 2010.  Pikes Peak Marathon (Manitou Springs, CO).  Time:  4:32.42.  Overall place 14/689.  Results here.

March 20, 2010.  Shamrock Marathon (Virginia Beach, VA).  Time:  3:42.29.  Overall place 362/2657.  Results here.

October 19, 2008.  Mount Desert Island Marathon (Bar Harbor, ME).  Time:  2:52:13.  Overall place 7/699.  Results here.

May 18, 2008.  Cleveland Marathon (Cleveland, OH).  Time:  2:58:53.  Overall place 36/8048.  Results here.

December 2, 2006.  St. Jude Memphis Marathon (Memphis, TN).  Time:  2:53:05.  Overall place 33/1534.  Results here.

October 23, 2005.  Mystic Places Marathon (Mystic, CT).  Time:  2:54:51.  Overall place 14/577.  Results here.

December 15, 2002.  Dallas White Rock Marathon (Dallas, TX).  Time:  2:57:43.  Overall place (men) 33/1979.  Results here.

April 28, 2002.  Big Sur Marathon (Big Sur and Carmel, CA).  Time:  3:03.22.  Overall place 36/2343.  Results here.

November 4, 2001.  New York City Marathon (New York, NY).  Time:  3:05:09.  Overall place 802/23,661.  Results here.

April 16, 2001.  Boston Marathon (Boston, MA).  Time:  3:05:52.  Overall place 1483/13,395.  Results here.

April 30, 2000.  Jersey Shore Marathon (Long Bridge, NJ).  Time:  3:09:32.  Overall place 35/1151.  Results here.

November 21, 1999.  Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, PA).  Time:  3:15:10.

October 25, 1998.  Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC).  Time:  3:32:05.


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